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Our Mission

Here at the Helping Tree Foundation, our mission is to provide a platform for innovative fundraising campaigns for education, health, and the arts. Helping Tree is committed to building and supporting new ways of raising funds, helping fundraising campaigns reach a broader audience, and keeping the contributors constantly engaged.

Current Projects


Spread Masks, Stop Virus

In order to beat this virus, we must all become mask spreaders. This is the goal behind this new initiative. So what differentiates this initiative from the companies already producing masks? Two very important things. Firstly, masks are absolutely free for those who cannot afford them, and those free masks are financed by those who can. Secondly, each mask comes with a unique barcode, which will make the wearer a part of an exponentially-growing network of mask distributors. This growth, much like virus spread, can be tracked through the soon-to-be-functioning website, for which we have some designs.

For more information about this mask initiative, please contact us here.


Here at the NYC Physics Team, our mission is to teach passionate students physics and prepare them for competitions. Because physics is a sadly-neglected subject in standard high school education and only receives a single year of undivided attention, we found it pertinent to create a team devoted to teaching passionate students the physics we know and love. We plan to launch this team next year and invite any current NYC freshmen, sophomores, and juniors to join as students next year. We have been in contact with several NYC high schools (including Stuyvesant HS, Bronx Science, and Brooklyn Tech, among others) about the possibility of a collaboration, so we have high hopes for this team. For more information about our team, check out our official website at We encourage you also to check out our open letter to NYC high school physics departments.

We are looking for sponsors for our initiative. For more information, please contact us here.


The Riverdale Rising Stars Performing Arts Program has existed for 20 years at the Riverdale Y, under the guidance of award-winning director Laurie Walton. This past year has been the most challenging for this group in terms of both revenue and staging a musical. The teens' spring 2020 production of Rent was postponed for several months until it reopened in the late summer with masks and social distancing on a makeshift outdoor set. They recently put on their fall 2020 production of All Shook Up, but creating a functioning outdoor stage has been difficult. This is why this year, the RRS group is searching for funds to create a functioning outdoor stage, including a tent, outdoor seating, lighting, sound, and broadcasting equipment to stream live performances.

For more information, please contact us here.